Nebula Artwear is art. Nebula Artwear is fashion. Nebula Artwear is the art of a fashionable lifestyle that makes space for self-expression. We eat, breathe and sleep creative expression. The power to be proudly  unique and not give a damn. To resist your voice drowning in a mass of individuals. To not be painted with the same brush. Nebula(e) is a mass of clouds, gas or dust in the endless night sky. This is where stars are born. Like a snowflake, no two stars are created the same. Each holds their own set of characteristics that set them apart. This goes very much with the mission of Nebula Artwear. Each single piece is handpainted by Maya, and each design is done differently. So you can rest assured no two shirts are the same. They are made with passion, love and care. Nebula Artwear embraces the philosophy of expressing yourself as alternative, independent and an individual in a world of social norms. 

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Each piece of clothing is painted by hand using a strong fabric paint and then heat-pressed with a hot iron before sending out for shipping. This is to ensure that the artwear remains vibrant for a long time. We believe in fair and equal trade. Our suppliers are sweatshop-free as we use high quality clothing by American Apparel and Jerico. When you machine wash them we advise you to wash inside out to keep the color consistent.

Maya Amoah

I started Nebula Artwear in May 2012 when I was 16 years old. I had worn of my handmade pîeces to school and everyone began asking me where they could get one.
 The rest is history. Today, Nebula Artwear has an online store right here and selling in unique mystical retail shops. I am currently travelling  the world and independently working on Nebula on the side, planning new projects and collaborations in the coming months. You can see what I have been up to on my Instagram and travel blog. If you are interested in working together or would simply like to go for a cup of tea, feel free to contact me on here send me an email at nebulaartwear@gmail.com